Paint FAQ’s

I am painting the outside of my house. Do I need to use a primer?


The answer to this question is almost always yes. Unless the paint on the house is clean and free of chalking and peeling, a pressure cleaning and primer sealer is necessary to ensure a good paint job. We manufacture several sealers. We will be happy to recommend the best one for your needs.

How many years should a quality paint job last?


In South Florida, a quality paint job should last between five to seven years. Anybody who promises you more can’t be familiar with paints in subtropical climates.

Which paint is better, oil or latex?


There is not one answer to this question. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, depending on the surface! We can help you choose which one is right for you.

What is an elastomeric paint?


An elastomeric paint is a paint made with a special resin that will give the coating elastic characteristics. Elastomeric paints are generally used to waterproof exterior walls and roofs. We manufacture several different types of elastomeric coatings. Call us so we can recommend the best one for your job.

Tintable Chalkboard FAQ’s

What color can they be tinted to?


Tintable chalkboard paint can basically be tinted in thousands of colors; however, a darker tint is preferable due to the light color of the chalk.

How long you should you wait until you can start using the chalkboard paint as a chalk board?


We recommend to wait at least 3 full days from the date the wall or area was painted before writing with chalk. This will allow the paint to cure and ensure a proper finish.

How many coats are needed for the chalkboard paint?


Two coats are recommended for best results.

Is the paint toxic or hazardous?


No, the tintable chalkboard paint is water based with low VOC (with minimal odor) and it not much different than your regular everyday interior house paint.

Is it difficult to apply?


No, it applies similar your regular everyday intiror house paint. It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.

How long does it last?


Tintable chalkboard paint is manufactured with the finest raw materials and will outlast most regular interior paint.

Where can I purchase the tintable chalkboard paint?


It available in most professional paint stores. If not in stock, typically it will be re-stocked within 3 days. Call for more information on where this product can be purchased.