Masking Liquid H2O


Masking Liquid H2O is a fantastic product produced by Associated Paint, Inc. It is used by painting contractors, homeowners, and commercial and industrial users alike.

Masking Liquid H2O is an acrylic-modified, water-based clear coating. It is formulated to peel from glass and may be used for interior or exterior purposes.

Masking Liquid H2O will adhere to vinyl surfaces and can be used as a primer for:

• Bare Wood
• De-glossed Painted Surfaces
• Dull Primed Metal
• Finished Aluminum

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Masking Liquid H20

It can be used on standard tempered glass, but do not use it on the following:

• Stained Glass
• Frosted Glass
• Coated Glass
• Etched Glass

• Tinted Glass
• Textured Glass
• Plastic Glass
• PlexiGlas

With Masking Liquid H2O, painting French, multi-pained windows and doors is easy. You can simply spray, roll or brush over the entire surface and paint over the dry masking liquid. Once your paint is dry, you can easily peel away the paint from the glass area. No masking, no scraping!

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